Travel Information

Land Environment
Country Currency Safety
Mexico Pesos Organized crime,
Banditos, Driving at Night
U. S. U.S. Dollars Violent crime, theft.
Costa Rica Colones Theft, use caution at
night, driving hazards.
Barbados Barbadian
Safe, but getting more
Caution at night.
Driving hazards.
Puerto Rico U.S. Dollars Violent crime, theft.

Surf Information

Ocean Environment
Place Wetsuit Wave Size
Baja Full, Booties, Trunks waist high to
California Spring, Full,
waist high to
Florida Trunks, Spring,
waist high to
Costa Rica Trunks waist high to
double overhead
Barbados Trunks, Top waist high to
double overhead
Trunks, Top waist high to
triple overhead
Puerto Rico Trunks waist high to

Central America

Central America is a very popular surf destination with a growing surf population, but there are still plenty of empty waves to be had. The countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama all offer surfers some great waves including many world class spots.

Left Near L Oyo

Guatemala has mainly beach break, but the beach breaks get very good. It is also un-crowded, cheap, and has some great site seeing.

El Salvador has some of the best right-hand point breaks in the world. Pros have been visiting El Salvador for years as the waves here are incredible.

Nicaragua enjoys offshore winds during 11 months of the year. There is also some good point breaks, lots of beach break, and even a big wave spot.

Surfers have been vising Costa Rica for years and it has become a very popular place to visit. Costa Rica has waves on both its Pacific and Caribbean coasts. Beach breaks, river-mouths, point breaks, reef breaks, and a-frames, Costa Rica has it all.

Panama has a plethora of excellent surf spots located on its Caribbean and Pacific Coasts. The waves of Bocas Del Toro offer some solid tubes, while the Pacific Coast has some incredibly long waves.