Travel Information

Land Environment
Country Currency Safety
Mexico Pesos Organized crime,
Banditos, Driving at Night
U. S. U.S. Dollars Violent crime, theft.
Costa Rica Colones Theft, use caution at
night, driving hazards.
Barbados Barbadian
Safe, but getting more
Caution at night.
Driving hazards.
Puerto Rico U.S. Dollars Violent crime, theft.

Surf Information

Ocean Environment
Place Wetsuit Wave Size
Baja Full, Booties, Trunks waist high to
California Spring, Full,
waist high to
Florida Trunks, Spring,
waist high to
Costa Rica Trunks waist high to
double overhead
Barbados Trunks, Top waist high to
double overhead
Trunks, Top waist high to
triple overhead
Puerto Rico Trunks waist high to

Broward County

Broward County is north of Miami-Dade County and stretches from Hallandale Beach to Deerfield Beach. The water stays warm year round, but the air can sometimes take a dip. There are plenty of surf shops around to get equipment. Fish, longboards, and shortboards can be ridden here. Most of the time trunks and sometimes a wetsuit top will suffice, but in the wintertime a spring or full suit is nice protection from the cold air.

Wave at John U Lloyd

John U Lloyd State Park in Dania is a good location to surf when it is extremely windy because somehow it is sheltered from the wind. Fort Lauderdale has a few spots north of Sunrise Avenue which get some wind swell and good lefts when a Nor’easter pushes them down. Commercial Pier in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea can have a decent wave from time to time. 2nd Street in Pompano Beach gets good consistently, some say because there is a hole in the Bahamas Swell Shadow that lets waves through and they end up at 2nd street. Trespass is by the Embassy Suites in Deerfield Beach and sometimes has a wave worth riding. North of Trespass is the Deerfield Beach Pier, which gets good sometimes.